Head of the Measuring and Research Equipment Laboratory
Radosław Piłatowicz
ph.: +48 22 7777 171
e-mail: blw@pimot.lukasiewicz.gov.pl

Measuring and Research Equipment Laboratory

The Measuring and Research Equipment Laboratory provides services within the scope of measurements of:

  • Linear and angular dimensions;
  • Thread dimensions;
  • Geometrical errors;
  • Surface roughness.

In addition to the above, the Laboratory offers the calibration of the following measuring instruments within the scope of linear and angular dimensions:

  • Calipers;
  • Micrometers;
  • Dial gauges, mechanical and electronic;
  • Bore gauges;
  • Thread plug gauges;
  • Universal bevel protractors;
  • Feeler gauges;
  • 90 deg squares;
  • Rules, flexible rules, measuring tapes, up to 2 m.

Basic test equipment of the Laboratory:

  • Universal measuring microscope;
  • Abbe metroscope;
  • Profilometer Surtronic 3+;
  • Micrometer head Mitutoyo Digimatic;
  • Gauge blocks;
  • Angle gauges;
  • Ring gauges;
  • Metric thread gauges plug and ring;
  • Calipers, micrometers, and dial instruments.


The laboratory guarantees:

  • The research is carried out by experienced engineering staff;
  • Short test periods.


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