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District Vehicle Inspection Station OSKP

The District Vehicle Inspection Station No WX/167 Łukasiewicz Research Network – Automotive Industry Institute is part of the Vehicle Tests Laboratory and works under Centre for Transport Safety and Vehicle Diagnostics.

We guarantee:

Many years of experience, knowledge and skills of our staff as well as modern diagnostic line devices guarantee the highest standard of services rendered.

We offer a full range of technical tests including:

  • periodic technical inspection:
  • cars, trucks and buses,
  • motorcycles and scooters,
  • antique vehicles,
  •  farm tracktors,
  • trailers for the aforesaid vehicles.
  • first tests of vehicles imported from abroad,
  • testing of vehicles after construction changes
  • testing of vehicles adapted for LPG supply,
  • testing of vehicles adapted for TAXI,
  • examination of vehicles after an accident, road collision, directed by the Police or District Authority,
  • testing of vehicles adapted for driving lessons “L”,
  • testing of emergency vehicles,
  • testing of vehicles adapted to tow trailers,
  • checking the correct operation of digital and analogue tachographs and tachometers,
  • placing assigned vehicles identification number (VIN),
  • making the vehicle nameplates.


In addition, we offer:

  • diagnostics within the scope of wheel alignment of vehicles: passenger, truck and bus,
  • measurement of vehicle floor plate base points (DMC < 3500 kg),
  • assessment of the technical condition before buying the vehicle, after an accident or road collision,
  • technical support for the staff of Vehicle Tests Laboratory.

If you want to arrange a review, have doubts about the interpretation of the regulations, you decided to expand your knowledge by participating in specialized courses, please contact OSKP Ł-PIMOT No. WX/167


Dariusz Kaca
Telephone: 22-7777-083
Mobile: 661-537-909  


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